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Sustainability Initiatives at Master Chefs

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Compostable Packaging

Since 2016, we have eliminated all non-compostable packaging in all public food outlets at Thomond Park Stadium, where 26,000 customers access the facilities on match days. It is a matter of great pride to us that all Master Chefs sites across the country use only compostable packaging.


Irish, Organic, Seasonal & Sustainable Produce

We have always been passionate about supporting local farmers and proud to use as much Irish produce in our dishes as possible. Copia Green - our new health-driven bistro (which opened in Castletroy, Limerick in October 2018) is a natural extension of our approach. To feature on the menu, each ingredient needs to be organic, seasonal or sustainable. The restaurant’s target is to use 75% organic and Irish produce throughout the year. We source our meats from organic Irish farmers, only use organic Irish eggs and work only with sustainably sourced fish.


Reduction In Food Packaging

We believe that our business is about fostering relationships and this has meant working closely with our suppliers for many years to reduce the amount of packaging coming into our business. The level of trust that we enjoy with our partners ensures that only minimal packaging is utilised.



Another example of our deeply felt commitment to sustainability is evident at Moffetts Restaurant, located in the Orbsen Building at NUI Galway. The restaurant has become more self-sufficient and dramatically reduced its carbon footprint by establishing a dedicated herb garden directly outside the door. The space, which is used to grow the likes of thyme, rosemary, mint, chives, dill, camomile, sage and nasturtiums, is cultivated daily during the summer months by Chef Paul Gannon and the produce features prominently across the menu.



Our stated aim is to be a zero waste business. We address this across three categories: compost, recycle, and waste, with a target to discard less than one bag of refuse per day. By gradually eliminating unnecessary packaging we have significantly reduced our waste costs in line with other measures such as water conservation and electricity reduction.

Real change is possible.


Reducing Food Waste - We think smarter

By carefully considering our processes we maximise product utility including so-called by-products. For example, we make our own labneh (cultured yoghurt) and the leftover whey is used as a brine for fermentation. We use the pulp from juicing fruits and vegetables in our gluten-free crackers and the almond pulp from making our own nut milks used in our broccoli and almond soup. Naturally, all food scraps are composted. Everybody wins!


Eco Friendly Products

Across all of our sites we have partnered with Diversey to roll out their SURE range of non-chemical, eco-friendly cleaning products. Derived using environmentally-friendly ingredients from renewable resources, SURE is a comprehensive set of plant-based, 100% biodegradable cleaning products designed to deliver superior results while being safe for people to use and kind to the environment.

We lead by example.